Cantine Terre Federiciane is a small family led company in Southern Italy. Tommaso Biscotti and his sons Luca and Umberto are the heirs of a longstanding entrepreneurial tradition that originated at the beginning of the '900, in the fields of people's public transport and tourism, and in the latest years expanded in the winemaking business.

The mission of Cantine Terre Federiciane is to realize top quality wines, enhancing the value of the traditional oenological heritage of the Apulia region, through the choice of producing using grapes varieties strictly bound to the territory: the Nero di Troia and the Bombino Bianco vines.


We worth the land
that gives value to our wine.

Our choice:
only native vines

We deeply believe in the strenght of the territorial identity and for this we decided to produce wines only with vines strongly bound to our region, particularly the grapes Nero di Troia for the red wines and Bombino Bianco for the whites.

Our land,
an unconditioned love
that becomes our brand's identity

Frederick II Hohenstaufen, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire in the XIII century was defined the Stupor mundi, but also the Puer Apuliae - the child of Puglia - for his great love towards this region, so rich of beauty. It is after him that all our wines and brands are named. In the area of San Severo lays Castel Fiorentino, the castle where he died in 1250, near the vineyards where our grapes grow.

Our philosophy
as producers

Icona uva

The best grapes
and low yields

Above all, it's the country that gives birth to the wine, that's why we carefully select only the best grapes of our vineyards. The secret? Aiming at low yields that improve the quality of the fruit.

Icona affinamento

A patient maturation

The good winemaker is quiet and patient. We love the wait and we dedicate with care to must's transformations, because we know that in the end we'll be rewarded with a better wine.

Icona bicchiere

A refined taste
as purpose

We are the first customers of our products, for the wine is above all passion and convivial pleasure. We always look for the best balance to avoid disappointment to our own palate.


Since the Ancient age, the Apulia region was renowned for its wine productions, well before the Greek and Roman colonization. In that very archaic era it was know between the ancient Mediterranean people as "Enotria", the land of wine.


Puglia it's an endless garden growing grapes, wheat and olives

... and all kind of fruits that the Mediterranean can give. Intimately defined by its varied landscape, the region in the northern area of the Tavoliere is a plain stretched away as far as the eye could see. In the inner Subappenino, it's a healthy and soft hill, always blown by the fresh wind that feeds the clean energy of the many wind turbines: white pinwheels rotating happily with their load of necessary modernity, perfectly harmonized with the stones of the ancient villages. It's a scented pinewood in the summer, a green lung scratched by the cicadas voices on the Gargano's promontory: a forest that romantically dives in the gulf, that Adriatic Sea that was home for ancient Greeks and Saracens. It's a soft, stony, green slope in the Murge's area stud with the evocative manor farms, the typical "masserie". It's spirituality of churches and monasteries, and of a saint, St. Nicholas, revered by both catholic and orthodox christians. It's folklore and joy of life danced at pizzica's or taranta's tempo, down in the Salento's peninsula that divides the blue of the two seas: Adriatic and Ionian.

“If the Lord had known this plain of Puglia,
light of my eyes, He would have come here to live.„

Frederick II Hohenstaufen
Foto della Puglia


A Baroque city,
of winemakers and artists

San Severo lays in the heart of the Tavoliere, one of the more fertile Italian plains. It's surrounded by hectars of vineyards and olive tree groves that sometimes extend far beyond the border with the country, growing in some small suggestive parcels at the outskirts of the city: a living proof of the prosperous agricoltural vocation of the community. San Severo is also an admirable example of Baroque architecture, so worthly represented by the magnificence of the its churches, the splendor of its mansions; a precious heritage of the old wealth of a locality always central for the trades of the region. San Severo is a synonim for quality in the world of winemaking. It was in fact the first apulian locality to obtain the D.O.C. title for its productions. San Severo is the hometown for a number of wines exported throughout the world and the birthplace of many artists and cultural personalities like the poet Mario Carli, the painter Luigi Schingo and the cartoonist Andrea Pazienza.

“Oh San Severo | the city of my thought
where the flourishing grape grows | and the winter is mildly cold„

Andrea Pazienza


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We introduce you TF Gourmet:
a trip to discover the Apulian gastronomy

Puglia is a region rich of important wines, but also of typical food products of high quality. From the famous extra virgin olive oil to the cheese and fine cured meats. Our selection contains all of this, but also pestos, sauces, pickles, baked goods, sweets, jams and marmalades.

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Although we have been in the winemaking business for relatively few years, we already received a good number of awards and many positive reviews, attesting this company as one of the best quality firms in the winemaking field in Puglia.

Prizes awarded
to the wines

Best Sparkling Wines of Puglia, 2015

Luca Maroni, specialized guide
2nd Classified:
Spumante Fridericus Bianco

43rd Vinitaly – Verona, 2009

XVII International Wine Competition
Diploma of Special Mention to:
IGT Puglia Rosso “Dragonara”

38th Vinitaly – Verona, 2004

XII International Wine Competition
Diploma of Special Mention to:
IGT Daunia Rosso “Delle Vigne”

Expo dei sapori – Fiera di Milano, 2004

The best 100 wines of Italy
Selected as “Top Hundred 2004”:
IGT Daunia Rosso “Coppa Castello”

Campi Diomedei Prize – Canosa di Puglia, 2004

1st Competition of wines made with the Uva di Troia grapes
1st Classified:
IGT Daunia Rosso “Delle Vigne”

National Wine Show – Pramaggiore, 2001

Diploma of Gold Medal to:
IGT Daunia Rosso “Delle Vigne”

Prizes awarded
to the firm

Acknowledgement for the excellence in the winemaking business in the Daunia

Province of Foggia
29th April 2009


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